Testing Forum Abilities for anyone wishing to practice Functions

If you select a fragment of someones text like here:


you have a Quote button. Start answering from that and it is easier to see that it is quote and whose.
If you only use “” it looks like your text.

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If you type @ you will get a menu of members using a thread. Select the appropriate one to allert someone. This shows as a blue circle partially covering your top right avatar.

The forum supports Markdown if you wish to play.


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The fourth icon from the left is two chain links. select that and place a link on the top line of the newly opened box. Place an alternative name /word on the second line if you wish like this.

Please feel free to use this thread for testing :slightly_smiling_face:

And here is a link to the members permission table: https://meta.discourse.org/t/trust-level-permissions-table-inc-moderator-roles/224824

Note on the left of the table are links to documentation about the forum usage.

This link is also very useful: https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-new-user-guide/96331

How to find it starting from forum?
Have tried for minute or two and don’t see the way.

Before joining this forum in 2017 I was only at some Usenet groups and one IEEE mailing list. Do all here know what Usenet is? :slight_smile:
As it was my first forum I didn’t know what I should expect from forum software. I didn’t found any link like ‘Forum software instruction’ For example I was thinking that everything I’m doing here is served by forum software. Seeing on the right how what I am writing will be shown confirmed my beliefs as I supposed used conversions are forum specific. So I was searching how to select at forum (and not in my browser) a language used to check what I am writing.
During first 3 years I noticed from time to time that people are able to link very old posts while I had a problem to find my one month old post. Then I found (…) under each post and flag symbol. From symbols opened by (…) I used only that flag.
What other I found is that you have to be careful when you write equations.
As an example if you write:
I=2*5=10mA so
in post it will be looking:
I=25=10mA so

You can’t.
Neither the forum creators nor the forum supplier have provided any links; which makes it difficult for us, the forum users.
You need to go to https://www.discourse.org/ to find any information.

This is because the forum program supports Markdown as well as BBCode and HTML

Some common examples of Markdown are at the top of the composition box into which you type a reply.
eg. Bold, italic, bulleted list.

Where from I should know this address? I hear it for the first time.

I am surprised that in your quote I see it both times looking the same while in my previous post I see it as my idea was (first like you see in edit window, second like it is published).

I think Hermit mentioned the name of the software used for this forum to me, some time ago. Discourse.org does not appear anywhere on the forum site.

Maybe a FAQ with this information and links for “How to use” should be created?

I copied your comment. The forum software changed the post. I did not notice until you mentioned it.
As you previously stated “you have to be careful” :roll_eyes:

Discourse does a remarkable job hiding their name once a site is set up. So, yeah it is almost a FAQ item on all sites that use it. It is a frequent question on many sites. But once you know, you realize how many sites use it.

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I edited the “New Member Information” FAQ to include the link to the Discourse “New user guide”.

The Discourse site is mentioned on this Forum. I mentioned it in the “New member Information” FAQ I wrote in 2022. :smiley:

No. There are many items that I am unaware of or don’t have a good understanding of.

I was totally unaware of that.

And I have not seen what is my trust status, although I seem to be able to post what I need to. Perhaps my admitting this will cause my status to be downgraded. :fearful:

But I do think that the “modus operandi” of this forum seems much better than others that I have “dipped into.”

Left mouse click on your avatar (or anyone else’s if you wish to explore).
A second left mouse click on your avatar will reveal all your vital statistics. :wink:

Every time something should be quoted verbatim, character by character, one should use “Preformatted text”. Otherwise it can be expected that the forum SW changes something. Even then the multiline version is the only reliable.

I once spend a long time, maybe an hour, debugging a shell command which I had copied from this forum.


a ‘b’
a 'b'
a b

a `b`

The first line is especially deceptive. Different kinds of command languages may use tickmarks for certain functions, but the forum SW turns them to single quote marks which are even localized for some cultural conventions only (they are totally unknown and unused in Finland). Backticks are interpreted as Preformatted text boundaries.

In ancient times when there was no www there was gopher.
In more ancient times when there was no gopher there was Usenet.
It is like mailing lists designed in the way to limit data transfer (yes, there was a time when people cared about the amount of data transferred). In mailing list each mail is transmitted individually to each list member - so often many times over the ocean. In Usenet the message crosses the ocean may be only ones to the Usenet server on the other side. Then people gets it locally. Messages in Usenet are only text - no graphics, no attached files. I think Usenet is the last place on the internet without ads.
I am still at several local (Polish) Usenet groups, but Usenet slowly dies.

alt.binaries would disagree :slight_smile:


Yes . . . but binaries can be encoded and posted to Usenet, just like they are in email . . . yes binaries in email are 7bit encoded txt still . . . I think :wink:

Is there anyway I can set up in my profile (so it is permanent) to have my forum messages that I send complete unformatted.
just interpret my keystrokes verbatim.
No putting italics, smiley faces etc in when I just want an asterix in brackets etc… it is maddening.
Just plain test, no interpretation etc ???
IE something at the top I can type if I have to to force plain text in the editor- IE tell the editor to p1ss off and just let me type ?

Sorry but no. If you want all text without formatting, you have to use “Preformatted text”. But that would piss of the readers because it’s more difficult to read and would be unexpected. Use preformatted text for critical pieces, i.e. text lines which are quoted from code lines etc. I just edited one of your posts.

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OK. testing 123 :-)

I should pay more attention to the editor ‘translation’ box on the right hand side as I type.

I am pretty sure one of these methods will help you make this work.

Try escaping the asterisk (*) with a \:

I=2 * 5 = 10ma

or put it in a blockquote (type it in, select it, and click on the " symbol):

I = 2 * 5 = 10ma

Don’t you see that I managed to get what I wrote to look exactly as I wanted it to?