Switch gamepad?

I try to realize a button like this:

I do not know the name that carries, nor how to do in kicad
Thank you for your help

Some ideas here …

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In short, there are two options:

  • svg2mod: External python tool to convert inkscape svg files to kicad footprints.
  • or the kicad internal tool bitmap2component (converts raster image files to either a symbol or a footprint.) Limitation: only one layer per conversion.
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You cannot use Freerouting with exotic pad shapes by the way

Just remembered a third option:
Overlapping rectangular smd (connector) pads. (Should work with DRC)

For button contacts, I find the contact wizard the easiest way

I haven’t tried those with Freerouting, I will look into that.


Thank you for your answers.

In Footprint Wizard what to choose to have Button Contact?
Here is a screenshot of my window.

I would also like to know. I need exactly this, but I can’t find the button contact wizard, or any information about it either. Where can I get it?

Oh sorry, I forgot to attach the script!

contact_wizard.py (7.6 KB)

You need to copy that file to KiCad/share/kicad/scripting/plugins or whatever the equivalent is. You might need admin privileges to do that.

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@bobc I downloaded your script. After a few tweaks to make it work with v5rc2 I got it to produce a nice footprint. Only problem is that it’s made up of 80 independent pads, and the DRC reports all but the two I routed tracks to as unconnected. :frowning:

V5 has support for custom pad shapes, and I’ve been able to hand-create the footprints I need with that. Your wizard inspired me to create a wizard of my own, but it’ll be a while before I figure out the plug-in interface.

The script was broken. Here’s a fixed version: https://gist.github.com/mikerodrigues/fc8552d54756699811d05f1b80893cc9

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