"Supplier and ref" in BOM?

Hi, I’m done drawing both the schematic and layout, and in PCBNew I found the menuoption File->Fabrication Outputs->BOM file…

It gives me a .csv file like this:

My question is, where does it look for the value for “Supplier and ref” from? I would like to tag my components with the correct Farnell-number, but not sure where I should put that number?

It doesn’t come from anywhere - it is a template for the user to fill in.

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Ok, thanks. It would have been nice if I in Eeschema could have added a field like the '“Farnell no” in this screenshot, and the default BOM had picked it up.

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The pcbnew BOM is mostly superseded by the BOM generation in eeschema, there are some standard BOM scripts, and if you know any Python can be customised.

There are also several third party tools now like KiBOM.

Have a look at this. It makes a quite nice bom and is easy to use and customize.

As @bobc already said there are lots of bom tools out there. In reality a bom tool is just some sort of script that parses the xml file generated by eeschema. So if you are unhappy with everything that is out there it should not be to hard to get something implemented yourself.

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