Successfully placed the table separation slots.


In using Kicad, anyone successfully placed board separation slits for making two separate circuits on the same board outline that can be snapped apart after production?.
Evidently there is a way in Kicad but so far have not found it.


I don’t think there is a way natively in KiCad. KiCad is really for creating a single board from a single schematic. Doing any more than that is a bit of a kludge. That said, someone here on the forum has published a stand-alone tool to add tabs with mouse-bytes. See this thread:

Hope this helps.


Like this?

What you’re looking for is called a panel, the act of placing the boards into the panel is called panelization and I’ve created a tool that makes it really easy to manage with kicad boards.

If what you want is v-scoring, which leaves nastier board edges, then all you need to do is to leave enough space between the boards and then tell the board house to v-score along lines drawn in a separate gerber layer.