STEP file export is missing silkscreen markings

If I use the 3D viewer in the PCB Editor, my board has all the components and the silkscreen markings beautifully displayed. There is no option to export a STEP file there, which is a pity since the model is fully created. If I close the 3D viewer and am back in the PCB Editor, there is an option in the File menu to export a STEP file, but it re-builds the model. The resulting STEP file does not contain the silkscreen markings. I see no error message.
In Kicad Settings/Preferences there is a page for 3D Viewer - General which has the first option ‘Show silkscreen layers’ checked. There doesn’t seem to any settings for STEP export.
Am I missing something?

It is not a bug per se, there is currently no option to export the silk in step as far as I know.