Stable release 7.0.4

Does it? The bugfix development continues after tagging a release. The reverts were related to 7.0.5 development which all happened after 7.0.4 tag.

7.0.5 hasn’t been tagged yet.
With the reverts, the only change since 7.0.4 tagging are the dragging via collision with self fixes. I suspect we will see a freeze to see if these fix the blocker bug.
The reverts can then go back in after the release

Probably this one is meant:

It seems to only be present in 7.0.x. Is the code in Nightly / 7.99 different, so this fix doesn’t apply there?

7.0.2 does not have the via dragging bug, so it must have been a recent change that caused this

…no more via dragging bug in 7.0.5 :slight_smile:

There is no 7.0.5 build yet. The tagging has just happened and the last snapshot in Testing did not have the bug

MacOS Previous Releases?
On Windows the developers have been keeping total secrecy on 7.0.5 this time.
Even their mailing list is silent

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