Stable release 7.0.4

I thank the whole team for their perfect work and commitment to develop such a complex project as KiCad, which is absolutely amazing for me.

All the best !!!



I haven’t found 7.0.3 stable release in KiCAD official website, where is 7.0.4 stable release?

It’s still in testing.

Are you sure it did not fall over?

7.0.3 has not been officially released. 7.0.4 is available from May 23:

*** That is a release for testing . . . Edit Sorry my mistake . . .

Stable Release
Current Version: 7.0.2 at 24 May 2023

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Stable Release - 24 May 2023

Current Version: 7.0.2

7.0.4 is already in Downloads | KiCad EDA. Announcements, some web pages etc. are late and you don’t have to wait them to download and install 7.0.4.

Why did you change the post title?

Because you confused people by jumping the gun and calling it stable when no announcement had yet been made, and some people could not see it because the link from the download page hadn’t been updated yet and then started wondering what was up.

I’ve changed the title back. I understand you appreciate the work and want to compliment the developers, but please do not cause confusion. At least if you were able to get for yourself and run it say where you got it (which you did in a later post) that so that people know it’s on the way for their particular OS and platform.

Reading this I wanted to download 7.0.4 but there is still 7.0.2.


I see. I am one of confused :frowning:

Well, release version 7.0.4 was tagged in the source code repository 2 days ago by Wayne Stambaugh.

It has been built for several operating systems (for example fedora in the kicad-stable copr-repository).

It might be that the announcement is not up on the KiCad home page yet, that might take a couple days.

Exactly, and as I wrote, a day later it was released compiled (for Windows) on the official link “Windows All Stable Releases”

Originally, I just wanted to thank the developers for working on version 7.0.4 and not argue here when and where this version can be downloaded :confused:

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That’s all good and well, but as the topic attracted some peoples questions, I and a few others tried to help them in some way. Hope that is okay with you…

That’s good of you, but I think if you had titled your OP “I love 7.0.4” without the words “stable release”, then it would have sounded less like an announcement. Then maybe there would have been some replies like: Great where can I get it, and then it would come out that you got it from the download directory. The official announcements usually have a disclaimer that it’s not available on all platforms right away. Most platforms rely on volunteer packagers.

7.0.4 has not been officially released as people have pointed out. It’s not official until we make a blog post / release announcement on various channels.

Will 7.0.4 be officiallyreleased at all?
It looks like milestones are being pushed to 7.0.6, which seems to indicate that 7.0.5 will be tagged very soon…

No, it will not, it will be 7.0.5 instead.

Ah, so I thought that if the released version is saved in “Windows All Stable Releases” then it is a valid stable version. That’s probably why the name of the link is called that. That is not the case. Version 7.0.4 has also disappeared from there.

So I apologize for the title of the post “Stable release 7.0.4”. I didn’t know that 7.0.4 wouldn’t exist. I was thinking as I described here.

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That explains 18 reverts in the 7.0 branch