7.0.5-2-testing required

Kicad V7.05 available NOW for the impatient like me here


Hi @djsbriscoe

It is not 7.0.5 that is available, it is 7.0.5-2-testing. This is a release for testing, not the final 7.0.5.

It is also available for Linux Mint which, I guess, means also Ubuntu.

Now we can all play “find the bug”. :smiley:

Do any knowledgeable members of this forum know of any specific areas that need testing???

The dragging bug is fixed. What needs testing is all the less used features that are easily overlooked by a quick test.
Languages other than English frequently break something that was naive about commas in numbers and unusual characters

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Would anyone finding problems please start new topics to give the most visibility.

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