SPICE/ngspice, How to Create/Manage a User Model Library?

I’d like to have my own library of SPICE models in one place/directory tree. This is from a file management point of view no problem, and I have that.
But working with KiCAD, it’s a big pain in the a…
For every device in a design, I need to click through endless paths to get to my library and load the model.
I tried adding the environmet variable KICAD_USER_SPICE_DIR, which works, but cannot be connected to the schematic editor in any way (would have been a nice solution, especially as KICAD_USER_SYMBOL_DIR, which is undocumented, works).
Being able to set a default location for the SPICE models would be nice.

How do you deal with this? Did you find a sane solution somehow? Any feedback is appreciated.

That’s what I’ve been doing until now, but it’s kludgy and inefficient. That the models should be stored with the project is good, but getting them there is the issue.
I can do it with a file manager, but it’s a lot of copying back-and-forth.
But OK, seems there’s no other way.