SPICE model for LT1082

Does anyone have a SPICE model for LT1082 to be used in KiCad?


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Option #1: Grab the Spec and use the Data to fill in the parameter(s) panel in NGspice.

Option #2: Download the Spice Model/Lib from Analog Devices

As another Option, use LTspice (it’s Analog Device’s spice…). In it, you can select the LT1082 and open their ‘Test Fixture’. Screenshot of it…

If you run the Test Fixture, you can see location of the Lib/sub files and, though they’re encrypted, you can then use it’s location and point NGspice to it…

You can Right-Click and View the Spice/Netlist

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Thanks a lot - this is very helpful.

Forgot to include, if preferred, with the datasheet in hand, instead of populating the usual panel of parameters, you can put them in a String placed on the Schematic.

Can also do: .MODEL(the data…)
and/or: .INCLUDE(a text file with the data)

Example… (Note: Compatibility with NGspice may require some tweak to exact syntax…)

In a String on the Schematic:

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