Spice & KiCad & lost in translation

Been busy trying to understand (ng)spice and making it work but I’m afraid I will have to put a few dimms of a few 100GN (=GigaNeurons) in my poor old brain… :exploding_head: :face_with_spiral_eyes:
But this morning while trying to set up a circuit I suddenly had a coughing fit of laughter!!! See the attached picture. Something with the dutch/flemish translation went completely wrong, I use the dutch “version” of KiCad living in Belgium and most is well translated … but … “Spice” in English seems to be automatically translated to … “kruiden”(krauter, herbes…) … which actually means “herbs” in English so it reads “Kruidensimulator” which has no meaning in Dutch, you could translate this as “Herbsimulator” in English… pretty weird isn’t it?
So: or the person that translated this is a non-native speaker not knowing Spice Simulation or they used some online translator …
On MacOS and latest nightly.
But serious, for now I’m stuck with finding spice library files of some dual opamps from Linear/Analog (LTspice), I also experienced quite a few crashes but these may be completely my fault… you know only a few KN (KiloNeurons) left in my head…
:wink: :rofl:
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You may know this but, I’ll post it:
To Update/Download Software/Models, Start a New file in LTspice
Then, Click the little Hammer icon (it’s for the Control Panel)
Then, select ‘Operation’ button and select Update Software/Models, as you decide

Updating Models will populate LTspice with the full default library. You can also go to LTspice site and download specific models…

EDIT: And, if you prefer to use LTspice (I do), you can build the Circuit in Kicad and run LTspice simulation from Kicad (link)

Here is the link to my post of KiCad compatible OpAmp SPICE Models.
Quad OpAmp KiCad SPICE

P.S. These are compatible with KiCad v 6 & 7.

I did see these comments from both before in the forum but was not able to tie everything together yet, in the mean time I learned a few things about spice (and not The Spice from Dune…) and I start seeing the end of the tunnel! But I admit I still have to push my old brain to the limits… :exploding_head:
I come from the time when computers had valves/tubes and transistors were made of germanium… and out of reach for a young kid with a rescued 250 watt soldering iron and a 10mm. tip! :wink: :rofl:


I am from the same jurassic period. My grandpa taught me to drive with a Ford Model T.
I think I might have room for one more Neuron before I forget who I am.