SPICE integration

Hi Group,

I’m wondering when will the SPICE solver integrated into the main build, I’m electrical engineer mainly for high speed and frequency, so I need to do simulation everyday.

I need my model to be run on multiple simulation platforms, so I wish the function will soon come to the windows version.



This is already in the development build so as soon as the next version is released it will be in the stable version. Check the threads about the release cycle. March if we are lucky?

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Thank you Hermit.

that will be nice to see the stable release, but is there a beta version for windows user?
I’m new to ng-spice, mostly use the keysight ADS and LT-spice. wish to see some new staff in the world.

There is a thread that recommends specific Nightly builds. Check it out to make sure you get something usable. There were some problems with some of the windows stuff but that doesn’t affect me so I don’t follow it closely.

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Thank you, I just installed the latest patched build in the testing folder, and it contains the simulation tool.

I don’t know what is the patched mean, I guess it is like beta version, so it should be rather stable than the nightly builds.

Do not use stuff from the testing folder unless requested directly do do so. Please use what is in the nightly, that is way newer.


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