Recommended / non-recommended Nightlies


As I am “forced” into using nightlies to avoid some limitations i would like to start this thread to give advice of what nightlies to avoid

my experience is for windows 10 - 64 bit
last nightly 2017-aug-17 was no good, slow in schematic, serious bugs in pcbnew including dataloss.

reverting back to 2017-aug-4 is OK

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IMPORTANT: Symbol Library Table Merged into Development Branch

Did you report this on Launchpad? Dataloss is probably a critical bug


yes i did

a bunch of things did not work for me in later nightlies


Those builds around 17 Aug and 18 Aug seem to be ones to avoid. Confirmation is at:



21st August seemed OK.
Why the size has jumped again is unexplained


And all OK to the 27th, some silly bugs fixed



Yesterday’s nightly is my new golden.

new golden would be 2017-sep-01

previous one lost tracks sometimes (all tracks) and that is of course not so good, even if i was lucky


Last couple of days a serious bug stopping creating a new project


Thanks for keeping us posted @nicholas and @davidsrsb :wink:


Now 4.0.7 is out, it will really help the developers if more of us use recent Nightlies and dig those bugs out. It would be nice to get a 5.0.0 out before a 4.0.8 becomes inevitable. From the struggles 4.0.7 caused, continuing to drag 4.0.x on is going to be harder and harder, especially when Ubuntu 17.10 and 18.04 LTS come out, updating many libraries


I think it highly likely that there will be a 4.0.8 before we see a 5.0.0 RC1, on average there has been a 4.0.x release every 4 months There are still some major code changes to go in, e.g symbol library table, and I think polygonal pads is not in yet?

I think I would get involved in testing when there is a feature frozen 5.0 branch, which was first mooted in March in view of a “summer (2017)” release, we are now in September.

In my experience, the final release date is not determined by how much testing is done before a feature freeze is made, but when the feature freeze is made. A later freeze date means a later release date.


polygonal pads i understand was done some time ago but not released into nightlies
so the code should be existing.

one of the most anticipated features for me


Yes, I think it will be a useful feature, I am looking forward to it too! As a rule of thumb, thorough testing takes about as long as writing the code, so perhaps we should say it is “half done”.

I think via stitching was also penciled in for 5.0, not sure how far along that is.


Breaks Freerouting though

Some recent chat about vias in the mailing list, starting here


Good point! I think I would be strongly motivated to fix Freerouting, if no one else is.


Stack not stitch.
Makes more sense.

A detailed via defenition always helps.

For example backdrilled vias is a trick to both define and export that information to pcb Fab.
Possibly only odb+ supports it a standardized format. I only guess.
We always had to deal with by scripts.

In some other tools you define and save your vias, similar to footprints.
Saved in library.

I guess this aims in that direction.


Freerouting doesn’t work with rounded rectangles either


The project creation bug was fixed on 2/9/07. The Nightlies seem good again


So the project creation bug fix should be present in release r8473 and later, correct?

And the “lost tracks” problem mentioned by @nicholas (see Nicholas’ Recommended Nightly Build ) was fixed in r8471?



I recommend later than 2017-aug-31

due to this bug

oops that was before 2017-sep-2 creation bug above.

so. later than 2017-sep-2