Recommended / non-recommended Nightlies


I’m thinking about downloading a newer version of KiCad; my data resets in a couple of days.

Is there a specific version you would recommend?

Is there a specific version you would avoid?



I’m running 2017-Sept-09 currently Win 7 64bit, no bugs so far.


Grab it quickly - it’s about to scroll off the list of downloadable Nightly builds at



No hurry, the Windows Nightly builds are stalled for a while
and on the mailing list

The 19th September one is OK

Windows nightlies
What happened to nightly builds?

Thanks, I got the Sep 09 build saved.

I also grabbed the Sep 14 build.

Anyone have a recommendation of which one would be preferred to use?


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Still using the 19th September


I DO NOT recommend the 14SEP17 build.

In PcbNew the Warp and Zoom is feature is all wonky.

The 09SEP17 doesn’t have that problem, and seems to be pretty AMAZING!

I’m going to try the 19SEP17 build in a few days.


I hope the server is back soon. GitHub is showing several useful fixes. As v5 is now on the radar, testing the latest code is getting more important


Thanks for the observation. Traffic on the Forum reveals that a lot of us are running one of the Nightly builds rather than a 4.0.x Release version. I suspect it’s a little unsettling when a new user asks for help and the response starts with a statement like, “I do it {This Way}, but I’m running a Nightly build so it may not work like that for you.”.

I’m probably supposed to ask, “Did you file a bug report about the misbehavior of the 14Sep17 build?”, but the last Nightly was posted three weeks ago so I suspect such a report has already been overtaken by subsequent events.



After I downloaded the two different versions to a memory stick, a member here @davidsrsb said they were using 19SEP17, which is 5 days later then the builds I downloaded.

With as wonky as the warp and zoom was, I’m confident it got fixed very quickly; and by that I mean before 19SEP17.


I do NOT recommend the 14SEP17 build.
In PcbNew the Warp and Zoom is feature is all wonky.

I can now NOT recommend the 09SEP17 build.
In PcbNew the track width settings change at random.


My first chance to try a new Nightly since the build server repair
5th November seems OK


The Windows Nightlies have been getting better and better up to and including 2017-12-27 revision fab6fc69e (installer kicad-r9046.fab6fc69e-x86_64.exe ), but after that Pcbnew has been hit with an appcrash bug in GAL canvas that I reported today and which makes it impossible to work in GAL (crash within very short time),
Hopefully this will be fixed very soon as there are several nice fixes/improvments in eeschema etc. that we can benefit from in the last few days.


Avoid r9064 and maybe r9055, crash when you move tracks


Definitely also avoid 9055, It has the same problem (tested). An easy way to test for the problem is to click on a pad.

(The other parts of latest KiCad work very well, so if the current work with KiCad is at the schematic stage and does not involve using Pcbnew, it is even feasible to use while it is being fixed.)


r9066 also crashes. For me r9055 worked, but I am treating it as suspect.


The bug was fixed within hours of being reported, the latest Windows nightly version 2017-12-31 revision 11d1188fd (installer kicad-r9069.11d1188fd-x86_64.exe) is good again. A nice start on the new year!


I am downloading that build. The server is very slow again, about 3 hours.


That must be somewhere on your end. It only took a few minutes for me. You are using the official download site of course?