Recommended / non-recommended Nightlies


Yes and no problems with other sites, so it must be a specific international link overloaded. I got the previous build 12 hours ago and it was fast
edit: Yes Malaysian routing to France and Germany is broken. ~4kB/s and dropping every few minutes, nothing is wrong with the Nightly server


Confirming r9069 is stable, so long as your symbol library table is up to date.
There is a problem with alias symbols displaying the root part


The library mapping broke somewhere between December 22 and 25 (r9029 was working, r9037 not working on my test cases and still not working on yesterdays nightly, r9076). The latest Windows Nightly (2018-01-03 revision 0945c319f, installer kicad-r9078.b1b3a89f7-x86_64.exe) has working library mapping again (based on test cases that did not have any broken library links before conversion). I have found no other problems with this nightly so far.


explains a problem i had with 2018-01-02
not doing the mapping.


I have problems with 2018-01-18 revision 08b15a699 on Windows 7. Net names disappeared in pcbnew. The Measure Distance tool doesn’t show numbers. Working is difficult. Maybe this is something general about OpenGL rendering, the net names and measure tool are not part of the board per se. Returning to the previous nightly helped.


Did you report this on the bug tracker?

By the way, alias components are working fine again


No, I will later if it persists.


I raised this as
Please add your comments


I added a comment to the report; I cannot reproduce this in a slightly newer version (2018-01-18 revision ef13b97ff) under win7, so may be some recent changes fixed it?


It seems it had something to do with layer visibility before save. There has been a fix committed.


Yes, @davidsrsb managed to pinpoint the bug, good catch. I was also able to reproduce it with the new directions. We will have to wait for the next nightly for the fix to appear, as the commit was a hair too late for the just downloaded one.


2018-01-19 revision 673f03e59 is fixed


A certain bug involving wrong cursor position bugged me lately but it has now been fixed ( I think I have had one random crash early this week. Sometimes a selection got stuck (can’t reproduce) - selected items stayed highlighted even if I tried to get rid of that. That’s not serious. At least the board and footprint editors seem to be in quite good and stable condition now for my boards.


I am yet to update to stable 5(on a nightly build couple of months before), and not following the nightly builds and IRC for quite some time.

how is the nightly builds doing? any recommended build instead of V5 stable?

I am on windows.


I don’t think using nightly build makes much sense now unless you really want to give feedback to the developers. There are no new (important) features from a user’s point of view, only UI restructuring. But if you are a bughunter and want to help with development or are just curious, go ahead with any nightly build. They are pretty stable, relatively speaking of course, exactly because there’s no major feature development going on.


Update to stable and stay there until some Nightly changes grabs your interest. It is likely to get a bit wild as the removal of obsolete Linux dependencies gets under way