Sorting the Pin Table BY UNIT

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Is there a way to sort the pin table by UNIT NUMBER and then by PIN NUMBER?

I create multi-UNITS Symbols quite often, but the table list becomes difficult to read because there is no UNIT sorting. (see example bellow)

It is possible to add columns to the table like Lenght and NameTextSize, but not a UNIT columb.

Kicad Literature says that the Pin Number are specific to each UNIT.
(If I selected the checkbox : All units are not interchangeable )

Example: Pin 1 unit A is not the same signal as PIN 1 unit B, and so on…

So if I create 10 units with pin numbers 1 to 10, that makes 100 pins. Each pins should be a specific signal in the Netlist?

Here is an example of the Pin table I would like to sort. It often contains more than 100 pins. But I have no way of knowing what Pin belongs to what unit in that table. So direct editing has a tendency to promote editing Errors.

Maybe there is a good reason for this, but I can’t see it.
Thanks for you help.

I have been testing pin numbering with the net list, and I think that my understanding of the pin numbers being specific to each units is wrong…
(The user manual is not very clear on this.)
That would also explain why there is no UNIT Column in the PIN TABLE…

So if I understand correctly, I need to give a different pin numbers to each pins of a Symbol if I want them to be different signals between Units?
If I don’t do this, the Net List will not work properly.

I also assume that only pins shared between UNITS should have the same number…

Here is another example of my Pin table that has the same signals, but with different pin numbers.

I know it will be obvious to most Kicad Experts, but I haven’t found any clear explanation of this in the manual, the forum or even Youtube.


The pin numbers must be unique per symbol (use the ERC of the symbol editor to make sure)

But even more importantly: the pin numbers must fit the footprint of your symbol (footprints are typically standardized so you will have a standardized numbering as well) See How does KiCad know which symbol pin represents which pad of the footprint?

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Thanks for the info. It makes more sense to me now.

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