Here is some of my bio.

I’m basically a dyslexic troubleshooter and creator with a large and varied self thought background, and a specialization industrial in motion control.

1982 to 85, College DEC in science, then 1 year physics at Concordia University, after realizing that school was not designed for me.

(I learned I was dyslexic at age 42)

1989-1993, Programming certificate UQAH, Programming science, programming structure, database, advanced programming, business and accounting.

Went on to work in different fields, teaching ecology, construction ( metal fabrication), industrial sales (air tools, electrical tools, zero gravity assisting systems)

1988 to 95 Started my first business repairing propellers, aluminium boats, machining parts, and fabricating staircases and railings.

1996-2001 Industrial motion control sales, design and tech support. I was the one sent to fix problems the engineering team could not solve.

2002-now I started my motion control company after my department was dismantled.
I design customs solutions for specific problems. Most of my designs are sold as prototypes.

My shop/Lab/design center is also my home and micro farm.

Our goal is to live in a sustainable way, while learning and researching solutions and sharing our experiences with as many as possible.
Basically, we try to give back more than we take by participating in our local community and making a small difference.

We started using KiCad and FreeCad this year as an attempt to break out of the large corps loop.

So far, KiCAD has been a great tool for us, and once we’ve get past the learning curve, we plan to give back by sharing some of our projects and teaching to kids some of it’s functionality.

My spouse and I are currently involved with a school as Mentors for the FIRST robotic challenge, where we help high school students learn different aspect of robotic systems development.