Some library files are not loaded [KiCad v4.0.2]


This topic is somewhat similar to this: Kicad libs missing [how to setup local symbol/footprint libs in Windows]

Difference is that the libraries loaded in my case, but, not all of them AFAIK.

For example, the library for FTDI is not loading. In C:\Program Files\KiCad\share\kicad\library, I can see both the .lib and .dcm files present, but no FTDI part can be found when running Eeschema or parts editor.

I am wondering if I am missing anything here.

I would greatly appreciate to hear your inputs to solve this issue.

Other details you may want to know:
KiCad v4.0.2
Windows 7 - 64 bit
Intel i5, 6GB memory


That solved the problem. Thanks so much Andy_P!

I thought that KiCad will automatically include all libraries as long as the folder/directory that contains the libraries is included in the Current search path list… (???)

They are not automatically included as you might want to use a local library with the same part name, causing a clash

The memory use and performance of loading everything might well have been an issue when the KiCad project was young

As @davidsrsb said, no… there are lists for both the symbol libs and the footprints that are being loaded… anything not on that list won’t be there.

Some more details here in case you need to set up those: