[Solved]Unable to find definition of model 0 - help?

New to KiCad sim. Was trying to show a grandson how op amps work with a simple circuit.

Why do I get this error with the following netlist? Shouldn’t the pspice gnd or 0 volt be a known model?
Or do I have something setup incorrectly?

Circuit: KiCad schematic
Error on line 7 :
u1 nc_01 0 net-r1-pad2 0 nc_02 net-r2-pad2 net-r1-pad1 nc_03 lm741
Unable to find definition of model 0
Background thread stopped with timeout = 0
Error: circuit not parsed.


.title KiCad schematic
R1 Net-R1-Pad1 Net-R1-Pad2 10k
V1 Net-R1-Pad1 0 5v
R2 Net-R1-Pad2 Net-R2-Pad2 10k
R3 Net-R2-Pad2 0 10k
U1 NC_01 0 Net-R1-Pad2 0 NC_02 Net-R2-Pad2 Net-R1-Pad1 NC_03 LM741
.save V(Net-R1-Pad1)
.save V(Net-R1-Pad2)
.save V(Net-R2-Pad2)
.save V(Net-U1-Pad1)
.save V(Net-U1-Pad5)
.save V(Net-U1-Pad8)
.dc V1 5 5 1

Netlist elements starting with U are uniform RC lines in Spice. Op amps are virtually always implemented as subcircuits, so you need to change your op amp’s Spice_Primitive field to X.

Basically you need to assign a valid spice OpAmp model. This is not delivered with KiCad/ngspice. Please have a look at KiCad Eeschema as GUI for ngspice, tutorial for setting up the simulation how to proceed.

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Wasn’t aware of the ‘no model’. Have adjusted and works. Thanks. I will familiarize myself more with KiCad via docs.

Again, thanks.