[Solved]Book example and Kicad/Ngspice simulation results not the same

What am I doing wrong?

Book example 6.2.2:

.title KiCad schematic
R3 Net-C1-Pad2 0 400
R2 Net-C1-Pad1 0 250
C1 Net-C1-Pad1 Net-C1-Pad2 500n
V1 Net-R1-Pad2 0 sin(0 20 2k)
R1 Net-L1-Pad1 Net-R1-Pad2 100
L1 Net-L1-Pad1 Net-C1-Pad1 31.83mH
I1 Net-C1-Pad2 0 sin(0 0.1 2k)

.tran 10u 1.001 1

Edit: As I finished the question I noticed the L value is not correct, but still not close to the book result.
Too many places to put the values, do not know which matters for simulation.

Try changing the Polarity of I1.

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That worked. Thank you!

Is there an explanation?
Is there any connection with the ERC error: Input power pin not driven by any output power pins at VSOURCE?
How can I know what is the correct result if I have to flip a current source like that?
Sorry for the extra questions.

The source symbols from PSPICE library are ugly.

I prefer the symbols from Simulation_Spice library.

No, ERC is not connected directly to simulation. But see Power Pin ERC Errors KiCAD 6 or search for the error message in the forum.

Check it out once (by simulation and reading the output) and memorize the result


Great answers, thank you.