[SOLVED] +5v and GND are attached to the same items

Apologies if i am missing the obvious, but i have this error showing in ERC and i am assuming its the reason why i don’t have GND available as a NET to create a ground plane from in PCB editor.

Beating my head against a wall at the moment figuring out what ive done wrong and how to fix… any ideas would be appreciated.

It means you have shorted those nets together somewhere on the schematic. :slight_smile: Apparently you have already been searching for that. Have you used the highlight tool?

a relatively common mistake is to short the +5V and GND nets right through a decoupling capacitor.

Also, thing like this:

are never good. Wherever you see either small red circles (open pins) or small green crosses (open wire ends) are suspicious. Just like the junction dots on places where there should not be any junction dots.

And if you still can’t find it, then zip up your project and post it here. I can probably spot it in a few minutes. But before you can upload zip files:

Could you provide a wider view, ideally the entire circuit. There will be another place where 5V and GND are “shorted”

Here is a wider view of the whole thing, hopefully the resolution allows you to see… the pink highlight is after running the highlight tool against one of the GND pins.

Looking at screenshots does not work.
For example, I can see something strange going on here:


But I can’t see what it is, and I can’t examine it further.
Posting screenshots back and forth is not my idea of fun.

What you can do yourself (and we can’t from a screenshot) is drag any of the schematic symbols where the +5V and the GND nets come close to each other to the side and see how KiCad reacts. Then press [Ctrl + Z] to undo the drag.

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And here is another one. Where is that wire going to on the left side?

Thankyou so much paul, i found it!!! if was just off the screenshot to the top left, didn’t notice the wire running straight down the middle, dragging it to the left showed my error!


And i have my GND net showing up!!!


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Glad that you found it :+1:t2:

Completely unrelated. This project looks so elaborate/complex that you might wanna learn about busses, schematic sheets and atleast labels. Both you and your project will benefit from it. And I personally think that is fun to do. Somehow I like refactoring old schematics with the new things I learn. May be a personality disorder of mine :rofl:

Anyways my 2 cents :wink:

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