Solar Pastor for Horses


Do you know of a Kicad project on high voltage sparks?

I want to make a board for an electric pastor. I have seen that it is necessary around 10 Kv. I have seen that it is possible to achieve with an inverter flyback like this

ZVS Tesla Coil Drive Board Diy Kit Power Supply Boost High Voltage Discharge Generator Module Driver board

But I have seen this other one that seems better to me, there it says 40Kv but I don’t think so since the maximum distance is 1.2cm so it must be around 10Kv

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Those are modules designed for tasers, and you can’t make anything for those prices for which they are mass produced.

If you want to have fun making something yourself, you can have a look at tesla coils, marx generators or van der graaf machines.

This magic wand from electroboom seems a fun thing to play with.

Wouldn’t horses just jump over the fence easily, unlike cows?

Someone could do it but it is not normal. People I know who use them work well.

Thanks for the reply @paulvdh ,

I don’t want to make the high voltage generator module. But use one that already exists in the market, which can be used for this application.

I like this

But I’m not sure if it would work. I was wondering if anyone has ever tested it on animals. Otherwise it would be a matter of buying one and trying.

I want to use it with conductive band, not with thread, since the horse sees the band better.

My idea for the KiCad project here is to make a pcb where it is easy to connect a 10W/12V solar panel, a battery and a high voltage module like that and anyone who can build and install their own solar shepherd.

electric fence charger solar powered
Before you make one look at these.

Hi @raspdroid

What you need is a portable battery powered Electric Fence Energiser.

They have been around since Adam was a boy

$30 US will get you the energiser. $70 US will get you the Energiser, 12V gel-cell battery, voltage regulator, and Solar Panel, all from Aliexpress with free post… pretty hard to beat.

Bulls need about 10KV, cows a bit less, horses about 2KV and they don’t really work for sheep. Horses also need a much shorter discharge time than cows or the shock will kill them.

Probably not a very good idea for a project.

These are cots (Common Off The Shelf) mass produced items.

It’s probably not worth the time and effort to try to make one yourself, unless you get the parts for free, don’t put a price tag on your own hours or just think it’s fun to make such things.

As far as I know, It’s not really about the voltage, but about the energy. Years ago Davey Jones (EEVblog) did a teardown of a high quality unit. From that you can get an idea of what in those things.

I also don’t know how sensitive horses are in this regard. How big of a margin do you have between “not effective” and “Killing your horses”. Such circuits have to work reliably for many years in harsh outside conditions (condensation, moisture).

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I want to make a board for an electric pastor.

After reading post by post I slowly understood you aren’t building a robot for a confessional.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Sorry my english.

Can you put the url?

Shipping batteries by Aliexpress? Your electric pastor would not arrive for 4 months. Batteries cannot be shipped by plane.

  1. Electrical energy required:
    The maximum energy allowed by the regulations for electric shepherds is July 5 with a maximum voltage of 10,000 volts, and the minimum that must be marked on a fence is 3,000 volts, because from there down it would not be safe to contain the animals.

In many countries a “electric shepherd” must be off part of the time. My fence is on 1 second off 2 seconds. This allows time for a person to get off the fence. A animal just touches the fence. A person will grab the wire with his hands. The electricity will cause the hands to hold on and not release. There must be time with no electricity for a person to open up the hands.

I know this the hard way. It is very hard to get off the fence.

This looks like one of those projects with some serious legal liabilities if you get it wrong


Where I have my mare they use this:

I looked before and the pulse is every 1 second.

It’s 9.300V and 1.30J of power output

With a human it doesn’t work, if the human has shoes.

Only the positive is used in the fencing. The negative is the earth. You can make another configuration where one cable is negative and the upper one positive, but it is not normal, it is used when the other does not work. For example due to a poorly conductive floor.


True, but marketing seems to like volts.
The usual way an energiser works is to discharge a capacitor into a step-up transformer.

Compared to a cow, horses have very sensitive skin.

The horses play it once, psychologically it is recorded on them and it does not play again. Today I tried to get an American quarter-mile foal to get close to the conductor wire but it wouldn’t touch it.

Most animals can hear the click from the wire when the capacitor discharges. They know if the fence is on or off.

People generally don’t listen for that sound, or their hearing has been ruined from too many years of loud Doof-Doof music.

The click is only heard if the thread is incorrectly installed, otherwise there is no click. It is an open circuit.

I beg to differ…listen carefully. The energy is dissipated through the air.