Snapeda Plugin for Kicad V6.0

Hello everyone

I downloaded Snapeda plugin for kicad from snapeda website , but not work with Kicad V6.0

I am followed the all steps that is recommended in “how to install” , but not work

Anyone have solution for this issue?


You have to describe the problem more accurately, “not work” doesn’t say anything. The first thing every time you ask a question in a new topic is to copy the KiCad version info from Help → About → Copy Version Info and paste it here. It gives more information which in this case is critical because the instructions for Windows and Linux are a bit different, and their instructions recommend a wrong way to install the plugin (you should never install to Program Files by moving files there, and by default KiCad searches in a certain folder under your personal home folder, so using Program Files is unnecessary).

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Thank you , that is very important note

The information about the SnapEDA plugin is misleading on the SnapEDA plugings website. This is only half-documented here at this help article.
I was in contact about that with them:

You are correct about the plugins page, we appreciate you highlighting this. I have followed up with our developers so we can add a warning sign about the compatibility before downloading.

But they didn’t do that. Just wrote a reminder not to let the community here support their documentation problem.

Use the desktop app. They recently added a native V6 lib format support and will hopefully improve this further:

Thanks to your detailed suggestions, we will be able to improve our KiCad importer from the SnapEDA desktop app. The network-sharing library support is a great idea! We will add that as well.

With regards to KiCad plugin. Unfortunately, it only works with versions up to 5.1.10. This is already in our roadmap to support the newer version. We will keep you posted once we start supporting this in the future.

Hi there,

Thanks again for your patience. Faust here from SnapEDA. I would like to confirm that we have now added the compatibility versions to the plugins page for KiCad. This is now shown here:


We will also inform you when we start supporting the plugin for KiCad v6.

We appreciate you flagging this and please let us know if anything else comes up.

Have a great week ahead!


Hi Faust,
welcome to the KiCad community forum. We love to see some 3rd party tool devs here. Thanks for adding this version limitation.
As I wrote in some of my previous mails: Please let the community know and help with the right way of integration of the SnapEDA desktop app and the plugin. The more handy way now is to register plugins in the integrated PCM (which will have an update notification for the upcoming version 7.0). If you or your colleagues have questions please get in touch in this forum.

Supporting v6 is kind of late now :wink: v7 comes out in a few weeks

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v6 and v7 have not that much of lib format diffs, right?

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