Will library formats change with Kicad 7?

Has the format of libraries changed with the transition from v6 to v7?

It’s still sexpr, but there have been some tweaks

//#define SEXPR_SYMBOL_LIB_FILE_VERSION  20220101   // Class flags.
//#define SEXPR_SYMBOL_LIB_FILE_VERSION  20220102   // Fonts.
//#define SEXPR_SYMBOL_LIB_FILE_VERSION  20220126   // Text boxes.
//#define SEXPR_SYMBOL_LIB_FILE_VERSION  20220328   // Text box start/end -> at/size.
//#define SEXPR_SYMBOL_LIB_FILE_VERSION  20220331   // Text colors.
//#define SEXPR_SYMBOL_LIB_FILE_VERSION  20220914   // Symbol unit display names.
#define SEXPR_SYMBOL_LIB_FILE_VERSION  20220914     // Don't save property ID

The comments roughly detail the changes

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One origin of that question was the dev of library converter tools i.e. the SnapEDA Desktop App or the plugin they want to adapt. I assume a fully v6 compatible footprint or symbol will be valid in v7. Some new properties or features aren’t downward compatible but extensions so v6 syntax didn’t changed and will be read from v7, right?

This needs a confirmation, please. @Rene_Poschl ?

That is what @marekr writes above, and anyone using 6.99 or 7.0.0-rc knows.

Rene_Poschl left Kicad some 18 months ago.

Sorry, then I misunderstood this:

I thought, this refers to some changes NOT compatible. So everything is fine, if a library/part converter/generator for v6 then supports v7 too.
So, this could be marked as solved. Thanks.

:sweat_smile: Oh, I read so much from him - obvious old posts and didn’t realize that. My fault.

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I believe this quoted comment from @marekr was written in humor.

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When working in version 6 with libraries from 5, it was impossible to edit them (read only) for editing it was necessary to convert and there were nuances… How are things going now? When using version 6 of libraries in version 7 of kicad

Official Kicad libraries, or personal libraries?

Kicad official libraries always were, and probably always will be, read only. Each version of Kicad includes the latest version of the official libraries. Why use old libraries with a new Kicad?

I have a pretty good sized personal library that I developed in v6. I am using it now under current v7rc1 and have seen zero differences. I am also using the new v7 database capability and everything is working seamlessly.


Between v5 and v6 the schematic library format was completely redone and changed therefore massively. between v6 and v7 only minor changes were done to the library formats so there should be no problem using v6 libs in v7.


I often use services that give a seat 3 d model and many people do not update the format of libraries so quickly with v5

I have home made symbol libraries that I used in version 5 then converted to use them in version 6. I would keep these libraries because they follow European Norms.

Can I use in version 7 ?
Or I need some sort of conversion process?

Your home made libraries can be used in 7. There is no conversion process.

If you still wish to use those libraries in 6, please make copies with your OS then install the copies into 7 and leave the originals in 6.

Thanks. Very good to know.
Not so clear which differences between symbols in version 6 and version 7 but I’ll search.

I’ve no more version 6 of KiCad. And I usually keep my personal libraries in a special folder.

There are some new graphic features in 7. No changes in format as there were from 5 to 6.

Sorry, didn’t know. Some people have both. :slightly_smiling_face:

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