Small feature suggestion: Device SPICE help text

When adding SPICE models to devices in a schematic, the “Note” text in the SPICE menu is not very helpful, which several threads here have shown.

Currently, it reads:

“Symbol pin numbering don’t always match the required SPICE pin order.
Check the symbol and use “Alternate node sequence” to reorder the pins, if necessary.”

I suggest changing it to:

“Symbol pad (pin) numbering don’t always match the required SPICE pad order.
SPICE simulators expect a certain pad assigment sequence for BJTs, FETs and diodes, which is:
BJT: C B E = 1 2 3; FET: D G S = 1 2 3; Diode: A C = 1 2.
If your schematic symbol has a different pad assignment, please enter it in the “Alternate node sequence” field.”

If not possible due to window field size constraints, a small “i” or info button could do the job.


Please have a look at the current nightlies (in preparation for release 7), which have seen a major revision of the user interface.

OK, Thanks. I’ll take a look.