Simulations for IC-Design with NGSPICE


I would like to evaluate if a circuit design would benefit if I would made an IC instead of a circuit with discrete components. Since the interface of eeschema is quit comfortable I would like to use the KiCAD environment for the simulations. However, independent of the interface to ngspice, I need the component parameters for the simulation. Usually foundries provide PDK being compatible with cadance, mentor and ADS. Is there any chance for ngspice to access these information too?

I found the homepage coorperating with the google skywater technology. But to my understanding they are focusing on digital design and I would like to do some analog simulations e.g. for a x-fab technology.


You will need to ask X-Fab to get access to their PDK. ngspice then will be able to handle it (proven with some 0.18um process).

Sure I have to ask them, but how does the interface between ngspice and the PDK works? I already saw PDKs from STM and IHP and they did not include a lib-file with spice code which could be used to generate a library representing the components of the process.

You may ask to obtain a HSPICE compatible simulation support. ngspice should be able to read this.