Simulation tutorial using 5.99?

Using latest nightly (2021-08-20) on OS X

Finally decided to try out circuit simulation. Even when using PSPICE models for GND, sources, qnpn etc I’m getting simulation errors:

No compatibility mode selected!
warning, can’t find model qnpn
Circuit: KiCad schematic
Error on line 5 :
q1 net-q1-pad1 net-q1-pad2 0 unconnected-q1-pad4 qnpn
could not find a valid modelname
Background thread stopped with timeout = 0
Error: circuit not parsed.

Simulation results:

V(planck): 6.62607e-19fV
V(boltz): 1.38065e-08fV
V(echarge): 0.000160218fV
V(kelvin): -273.15V
V(i): 0V
V©: 299.792MegV
V(e): 2.71828V
V(pi): 3.14159V
V(no): 0V
V(yes): 1V

I’ve seen some tutorials but these appear to use the normal 5.x series builds, not the pre-6 builds.

Any pointers or tutorials? This sim stuff feels tough to get started with…


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