Simulation "Tune" dialog - SOLVED

I’m a bit confused by the Tune dialog for circuit simulation:

image image

The three text boxes puzzle me. The middle one shows the value which will be used in the simulation, and is varied by moving the slider. I thought the top and bottom boxes set the upper and lower bounds for the value, in other words the range of values which you can select for simulation.

However, as you can see, when I set the upper and lower bounds to 500nF and 10nF respectively, the actual range is limited to 200nF and 50nF. Clearly I’ve misunderstood what those upper and lower boxes are for.

Could anyone explain? Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

After varying the upper and lower bounds, did you press enter (twice, one on each box) ?

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Ah, no I didn’t! Thank you!

There’s a usability issue here which would be trivial to fix. The “OnExit” event for those boxes appears to be unhandled, but really should point to the same handler as the “OnEnterKey” (or whatever it’s called) event. It might even be possible to use the “OnChange” event instead.

I’m going to put it in as a request for V6 (because it is, indeed, a trivial fix, and the current functionality may well catch out others who are used to Windows-standard and Linux-standard behaviour).

I’d like to ask: where do we enter change requests for V6?

You can submit an issue there and add a link to this post.

Also, remember to click on ‘Solved’ checkmark if your question was solved :wink:

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Oooh, I didn’t know about the ‘Solved’ thing. Will do. Thanks for the link to the change request system.

Edit: Oh, for goodness sake, I can’t find the bloody ‘Solved’ checkmark! Must have spent ten minutes searching the page. Anyway, I’ll edit the title to say ‘Solved’, although I appreciate that doesn’t record the credit for you.

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Ahh true, there is no solved checkmark hahah. sorry, I got confused with the ROOT forum which does. Yes, editing the title is then the best way to go. you do not need to add my name though xD.

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