Simulation Plots - Overlapping Lines

I am simulating a circuit that has a lot of digital signals which means the edges overlap. Looking at this example it is hard to see the waveforms.

What I would like to do is separate them vertically so the relationships between the waveforms can be seen. I don’t mind running the external version of ngspice (Windows) to do that but having read the ngspice manual I can’t see anything.

Is my only option to do this manually, e.g. export CSV data to Excel and manipulate it there?


For a simple example using standard ngspice see here:
Have a look at the plot commands in lines 64 and 66.

The Eeschema/ngspice interface is still rather limited, so additing offsets to output vectors is not yet possible in eeschema


Thanks Holger - I will give that a try!

Works well!

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Nice! Thanks for showing the results. Looks great.

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