Simulation on Mac OS


Good day,

I updated to the latest stable Version of KiCAD for MacOS, and was very curious to use the Simulation.

But I have some really strange behaviour.

The schematic is very simple, just 12V supply and two resistors in series, both R1 and R2 are 1k.

Simulation starts and shows exactly what it should show, between the resistors we have 6V.

So far so good, but if I add the current to the display I observed that the sign of the current is changing by rotating the resistor in the schematic.???

So I could change the current trough R2 from plus to minus by rotating the resistor.

Now besides that this is wrong, the behaviour give serious problems if I use a Diode instead of R2

Now the behaviour of the simulation gets very weird.

If I put the diode in the circuit as you would normally do so the current can flow through the diode, the simulation shows no current at all, and the voltage over the resistor is equal the power supply , if I rotate the diode and put it in, so there should be no flow of current its behaviour is the opposite.

Is this a know behaviour, and how can I avoid it.