Simulation: "Hide Cursor" not possible

Hello, I think I found a very small bug in the simulation environment:

on the upper right all Signals are listed and by right click I can activate a cross cursor for any signal and remove (hide) this cursor in the same manner.
That works flawless.

Shown cursors are listed in a window below and again I can hide cursors using the right click menu.

Strange thing is in THIS window there will always remain cursors I can NOT hide ! They will simply stay visible. Hiding them via the Signals window will always work !

Right now I am experiencing this with a windows-KiCad, Versions 7.0.5 and 7.0.9

By the way: I dont want to be finicky. I started using the simulation only lately and I am really happy with it. Everything works just fine, no flood of cryptic, mathematical errors (compared to QUCS) and external models are integrated easily.
I would like to have some more math functions like difference, product … but I assume these things will come with time …

If you are focussing on simulation, I would recommend having a look at KiCad 7.99 (math functions etc.).

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I had a look at 7.99…

seems what I posted will vanish with the new windows/menus anyway.

The advanced cursors with difference calculation are promising. I hope some more math and the possibility to show these values as signals will follow…

Just started to use this and already calling for features :wink:

As I have said: did you try the user defined signal with its wealth of math functions?

No, seems I didnt know where to look.
I will try harder !

Aah, I think I understand now, promising !!
The input line vanishes frequently while editing but this may be a peculiarity of 7.99

Thank you for the advice, now I am urgently waiting for 8.0.0 :grinning:

This is a bug (under MS Windows) which I already have reported at 7.99 Strange behaviour of 'User-defined Signals' window during entering a text string [MSW-specific?] (#15837) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab. You may give it a ‘thumbs up’ to stress the importance of fixing it.

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Super, seems I am not authorized for “thumbs-up” but this is so obvious I am sure it will be fixed.