Simulation gotchas

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do simulations in Kicad. After a fair bit of trial and error and comparing with examples I’ve managed to get a simulation of the following circuit running.


This is just a replication of Electroboom’s slayer simulation.

I got the models for the 2N2222 and 1N4148 from the Kicad-spice-library on github.

There were a few things that are not all that obvious that I had to do:

  • Swap the pins on the transistor to 2 1 3.
  • Swap the pins on the diode to 2 1.
  • Pay attention the inductor pin connections to get the correct polarity.

Are there any other non-obvious things that I might need to know about for other simulations? I have some experience with LTSpice and I’d probably be an advanced beginner.

Also: If I change the values in the the .tran directive how do I get the simulator to pick that up without closing and re-opening it?

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