Simulation for Zener diode not working(Solved)

I am newer to this CAD. Installed, footprint downloaded and activated.
when used zener as voltage regulator, it is not working as expected. not working in rev. direction and breakdown never happen. i have used .model Diode D(Bv=5.6).
what is the problem. is it footprint or script in model?

Make a simple circuit: Voltage source driving the Zener diode. Sweep the voltage from forward to reverse, plot the diode current. Check if it is o.k., or polarity is reversed or no current at all. If not o.k., you may post this circuit here, and we may check.

Yes, please post the circuit…but if I had to take a wild guess it’s because your pins are swapped. KiCad symbols have cathode 1st and anode 2nd, while SPICE expects the opposite. If this is the case, you need to use Alternate Node Sequence property to adjust it. An example of this is found here:

this is the result when use in forward

When use it in reverse result is same as forward mode. see below:

used .model D_Zener D Bv=5.6. But break down never happen

I think connection in good. Problem in model script. It has infinite Bv. How do i change it.

can any send me zener diode model.

When you say model I think spice model. Do you mean symbol?

It has infinite breakdown volt. But I want 2 set up 5.6v. How do I

Model is o.k.

You have to improve the symbol setup. As Ste already has said: Change alternate node sequence.

Use your forward circuit.

Double click onto D_Zener symbol.

Click ‘Edit Spice Model …’
Check Box ‘Alternate Node Sequence’
Type ‘2 1’ into Edit Box to the right of ‘Alternate Node Sequence:’

Choose the dc simulation in the text box

.model D_Zener D bv=5.6
.dc V1 -6 1 0.05

Change the resistor to 5 Ohms
Run the simulation
Plot Id(D1)

thanks @holger :+1:
Problem Solved. Need ur assistant for future queries.

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