Simulation for kicad

Hi everyone,

I need the explanation about simulation for kicad please.
i have circuit that need simulation. but have error.

config: text grafic:

.tran 0.1 10


Note: No compatibility mode selected!
warning, can’t find model ‘v5.5mla0603h’ from line
rv1 gndref net-r1-pad2 v5.5mla0603h
warning, can’t find model ‘/vcout’ from line
u1 /vcout gndref net-r1-pad2 /vcout 48_vdc lt6015xs5
warning, can’t find model ‘vm’ from line
led1 gndref net-led1-pad2 vm
ERROR: mal formed B line: b1 48_vdc gndref dc(48)
Error: ngspice.dll cannot recover and awaits to be detached
Note: can’t find init file.

** ngspice-37 shared library
** Creation Date: Jun 24 2022 06:28:52

Error: there aren’t any circuits loaded.

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