Simulation errors - can you see what I am doing wrong here?

Obviously I am failing to grasp the concept here. I have watched so many YouTube videos now that my vision is blurred. It seems to me I have tried every suggestion yet for some reason I obviously still fail to grasp this simple procedure.

I am trying to run a simulation of a Bridge Rectifier with 4 diodes on 120v AC.
I want to know the DC output.
I have tried the Generic Diodes that come with KiCad PSpice and I have downloaded the models from the manufacturer. I copied the model file that I downloaded into the project folder and included this in the project folder directory in the Library Editor. I don’t know what else to try. I have come to the end of my line as far as what else I can try and I am still up against a brick wall with this.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

Here are the errors I am getting now.

No compatibility mode selected!
warning, can’t find model 1n4148
warning, can’t find model 1n4148
warning, can’t find model 1n4148
warning, can’t find model 1n4148
Circuit: KiCad schematic
Error on line 4 :
d1 net-d1-pad1 net-d1-pad2 1n4148
Unable to find definition of model 1n4148
Note: can’t find init file.

** ngspice-34 shared library
** Creation Date: Tue Feb 2 12:29:13 UTC 2021

Error: there aren’t any circuits loaded.

Here is a view of the circuit

Model Editor

Symbol Properties

Project Directory Listing

First, you need to add the SPICE model to each one of the four diodes (there are smart ways to do this).
Second, the model name needs to match the actual model name.
You have model 1n4148, but the actual model name is D1N4148.
Take it from there.

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Also I wouldn’t use the 1N4148. It’s a signal diode, not meant for rectifying mains voltage. At least the smoke will be virtual.

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Yeah, a 1N400x type would be more suitable. It’ll come, it took me quite some time as well to get a bit up the learning curve on simulating.

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This was a great help. Thank you!