Simulation Error

I’m trying to run a simulation of a boost converter who’s footprint I uploaded and when I try running it, it says I have an error on line two, which is this on Spice Net List:

U1 GND Net-C2-Pad1 Net-R1-Pad2 Net-C1-Pad1 GND Net-R8-Pad2 Net-R3-Pad1 Net-R3-Pad2 Net-R5-Pad2 Net-R6-Pad2 NC_01 GND GND Net-BT1-Pad1 Net-C3-Pad2 Net-L1-Pad2 GND BQ25504RGTT

Is there something wrong with the footprint that I uploaded to the schematic?

Footprints are used on the PCB. There is no connection between footprints and simulation.

For simulation you will need a symbol and a spice simulation model. The spice simulation models are not provided with KiCad. Gernerally you may find models in the web, on the vendors’ pages, or here: Spice models and model parameters for ngspice circuit simulator. Unfortunately there seems to be no model available for BQ25504, at least not on the TI pages.

Without such a spice model you cannot run a simulation.

For a simple boost converter simulation you may have a look at Simulation examples for KiCad/Eeschema/ngspice - #2, after scrolling down a bit.