'Simulation' as a new category


Dear list maintainers,

what about a new category ‘Simulation’ for this list?


Tagging @ChrisGammell as i think this must be done by him.


Sounds like a good idea, I managed with basic R, C, diode circuit (after correcting for pin order!) but completely stuck with transistors or MOSFETs.

At least a pointer to some tutorials that are specific to KiCad and have examples that work in the latest version would be good.


I asked about this in the lounge but only @Rene_Poschl answered so I let it die. I don’t know if we can have a sub category in software but that would seem to be a logical choice. @ChrisGammell Regardless, now that V5RC_X has been out we are seeing more discussion.

@holger might be in a better position to suggest a structure on how this might best be handled.


After 10 minutes of stumbling around the admin interface and getting nowhere I found the option via a goolge search.

Now comes the question of color (can be defined elsewhere if the choices are insufficient) and location:

Personally I would put it into schematic, as you run it from there (like the CvPCB subcategory), no?
Anyhow, it’s either a color that goes with blue or with red - suggestions?

Hm, seems it picked it’s own subcolor… cool.
I hope ‘gold?’ is alright.

I only get to it via the categories option on the main tree though, doesn’t come up via the selector (yet).

[even later…]
sorted two threads into the new category as it was available in that drop down.
I hope everyone can access it as well - please notify me if that is not the case (never done this creation thing before).


It seems for some reason the simulation category vanished.


I still see it in the list of categories as a sub category of Schematic. See this screenshot:


I restarted firefox and now everything is ok again. (I think the session on this pc was open before the category has been added. Somehow did not update it.)


Attack of the phantom cache. :wink:


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