SHIFT + click VS SHIFT + drag

quick query : I seem to remember being able to add items to a selection by SHIFT + click, but in 5.99, I can only add another item to the selection using SHIFT + drag. Is that as per design?

For me [Shift + Click] still works.
I can also change the “Selection Filters” in the lower right corner halfway during a complex selection and then work further with the updated filter settings.

Maybe you can influence it with: Pcb Editor / Preferences / Preferences / PCB Editor / Editing Options

My current settings are:

A thing that does seem to be missing in V5.99 is that [Shift + LMB] used to toggle individual items into and out of the selection. This was very handy for a complex selection and a few too many items got into the selection. Is this me, or is it KiCad?

Interesting… I do actually remember being able to use [SHIFT + click] with 5.99. So I’m thinking it may be an issue arising from modifying my hotkeys. In which case, this could be a bug.

the XOR selection you describe was unfortunately removed in the most recent round of hotkey consolidation – there were too many modifiers for too few hotkeys, and they did not all work cross-platform. I guess XOR selection was deemed the least critical. There’s more discussion in a gitlab issue.

As can be seen in the Preferences->Editor options, it’s CTRL+SHIFT+click for removal of objects.

Editor options???

But it’s enough of a hint :slight_smile: So for others digging up this thread later:
Pcb Editor / Preferences / Preferences / PCB Editor / Editing Options

And [Ctrl + Shift] does work for me and I can work with that.

I’m now in the process of adapting to KiCad-nightly V5.99 and getting used to all the nice new things and many improvements.