Update to 5.99 modifier keys

A final update to the 5.99 modifier key situation has been pushed. This resolves a number of conflicting modifier keys for different actions.

Part of this changes how you work with the 45° limitation and part of this changes how you get the disambiguation menu.

Previously 45° was a hotkey (Shift or in v5 Ctrl/Cmd). This is now set as a state. By default, the TAB (edit: we have changed this to the Shift+Space combo) key switches between states but you can customize this action hotkey to your liking.

Previously, Ctrl (and earlier Alt in v5) allowed you to show the full disambiguation menu (which item should I choose) without KiCad applying heuristics to the items under the cursor. Now, you access this option by clicking and holding the left mouse button down.

Moving these actions allows us to standardize the modifier key mapping (Ctrl/Alt/Shift) for selections without the use of the Alt key, which was problematic for Windows users.


  • Shift + Click = Add to selection
  • Shift + Ctrl + Click = Remove from selection
  • Ctrl + Click = Highlight net

When not using the selection tool, the Ctrl modifier key still allows you to ignore grid snaps when drawing and the Shift modifier still allows you to ignore item snaps.


Something probably went wrong, as right now KiCad always displayes full selection menu instead of using it’s heuristic approach. This also causes a major lag when selecting board items.
Reported on GitLab.

Fixed in the recent build.
I must admit that I like the way selection disambugation works now better than the (a bit cumbesome) combo.

Yes, I downloaded today after reading your post, it is fixed, man I thought I did not understand what Seth was saying in the post :upside_down_face:

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