Set up global $D_HI, $D_LO, $D_X, $D_NC?

How to set $D_HI, $D_LO, $D_X, $D_NC values by Eeschema?

This is need to use pspice models designed for OrCAD

What kind of models do you want to simulate with ngspice? Please give an example of a model (link or file).

I want to simulate FPU for “hybrid compiter” (i.e. digital computer with analog ALU on Op Amps and Log Amps). This is hobby project.

I.e., simulation must receive some table of digital values (hex or binary, don’t know how will be more convient) and operation code (also hex or binary) and then some simulated (desirable available IRL) analog DAC and ADC should be used to ensure what all signal levels, currents and ADC output are correct.

What are these models? Are they compatible to ngspice?

Hm, probably. Models from this repository - GitHub - kicad-spice-library/KiCad-Spice-Library: Centralized repo to store KiCad/Spice modules for simulations

(I know what this is not part of KiCAD)

This repo contains tons of logic IC with such dollar globals

Unfortunately these models are not (yet) supported by ngspice. All model containing U devices (logic subcircuits starting with U as first character in a row) like


as found in dig381.lib are not recognized by KiCad/ngspice.

We are working on that, a subset may be available with ngspice-38, to be released by the end of 2022.

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I vaguely recall some discussion about something like this awhile back. Copyright issues were a concern about maintaining an ‘official’ repository. I don’t know if this source was a result of that. There may be others.