Server upgrade problems? (avatars, etc)

The forum didn’t load for a while, about 15 minutes, now (part of) the avatars are missing.

Wrong alert, they came back.

EDIT: no, they didn’t. I can see only some of them.

I just did a server update (pretty sizeable one), so it’s possible other things might be shaky for a while. This also happened last time, but usually they come back online as the system rights itself. Usually the server software (Discourse) takes a while to re-index things like the posts and the avatar images, so let’s wait a bit longer to see if it’s a problem over a bit longer span. I definitely want to hear if things aren’t working as expected though.

I did the update because a user had asked about 2 factor authentication, which hadn’t been working previously. I just tried it out and that’s now enabled, so that’s a bonus! You can go into your user preferences menu (click the upper right image/menu and then click the gear to get to that). There should be a “2 factor” option now.

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No sweat, I can wait. The avatarts hasn’t been the main reason why I visit this forum.

But the main page didn’t previously show the category below each thread subject, did it? I find this annoying, it takes too much space.

Did some searching on possible CPU issues, apparently the forum software is doing a “rebake” and does that for all restarts of the entire process after an upgrade. The avatars are part of this:

This explains why the forum was flaky for a bit. It all seems to be smooth again now.

Hey… Is this a new feature of the forum update? I like it.

Or is it something in the dark theme that I haven’t seen before because I just activated it yesterday.

Seems to be new to the forum software. Gonna take some getting used to. :wink:

Yeah, it definitely is new! I like it though, it’s a good way to welcome new folks, which I think we definitely should encourage!

We might need to fine tune parts of it as there is also a message if people did not post in a while (which is quite normal here as people typically only post if they have a problem)

Ah, just looked up the feature and it’s only available to people with a certain trust level:

Only forum members who are at level 2 and above will see it. If it becomes bothersome for others, I can consider turning one or either off, but personally I like the notice that it is a new user. Like I said, whatever we can do to make the internet more friendly, I think we should go for it.


Ok then keep it as is and see what we think about it as time goes on.

It’s OK and even interesting to see that someone posted 2 years ago, but I just saw “4 months” and I don’t want to see that. Maybe 1 year or 2 could be good threshold.

But now I see all avatars containing previously the Ki symbol with only gray circle instead of it.
And to Log out now need 3 clicks while previously only 2.

The feature that seems to be removed that I miss is the unread threads/notifications indicator in the browser tab. Something like “ Forums (3)” would mean 3 notifications or threads. Can we get that back?

I think i still have that one. (right now i have nothing unread so i can not say for certain. But i am quite certain i switched to the forum tab because it indicated that something is unread)

Hm it appeared right now with the notification of your reply but then disappeared as soon as I switched to the forum tab. Unless I’m mistaken previous behavior was that it would only disappear when you actually view the notification, not just when the tab gains focus. If that’s the only change I can work with that.

I think i now understand what changed. In the past the notification in the browser tab was about unread posts while now it seems to be about personal notifications (The same number as is displayed on ones avatar. Meaning if you get a like or an answer then this number increases.)

This is still the case, the developer badge is missing.

That’s what I’ve noticed. The old way was more useful to me.