Selection Filter eeschema

Is there a way to select only nets, only parts, only text, or any combination of such when using the selection box (block move)? AKA in other tools as a selection filter.

Sorry I am new to this tool and trying to get quicker at it.

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Is this not possible??

There are a combination of things you can do to only select certain PCB parts and features. Here are a few methods I use:

  1. ‘I’ and ‘U’ for selecting sections and whole lengths of Nets.
    (Also, I will use ‘U’ to select and delete a section in the middle of a long trace, then ‘I’ to blow away length of section I need to re-route)
  2. Use Shift-Select (Click item or draw box) to add or subtract an element to a selection
  3. Use ‘H’ to highlight only one layer, and only select items on that layer
  4. Use the layer and render tab to only show items you want to select:

I believe if you un-check render Footprint, you should be able to only select nets, etc. For more complicated selections, I will use various combinations of the above. You are correct that, like most CAD tools, coming up the shortcut learning curve greatly increases you speed.

He asked about eeschema. You posted something about pcb_new.

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From the title it would seem the question is regarding Eeschema. PCBNew has such a filter for block selections.

To answer the question, I am not aware of any way to accomplish what you’re trying to do, but Eeschema is currently going through an overhaul so perhaps such a feature might be available in a future version, possibly the next version.


Well shoot, as @Rene_Poschl and @1.21Gigawatts pointed out, I apparently didn’t read the title… Apologies.