Schematic design problem in Eeschema mouse pointer

Hello everyone
I am using UBUNTU Latest version.
I am facing mouse pointer traces problem on kicad schematic screen…Please check attached
picture. .

What ubuntu version, what kicad version? (Not sure if you mean latest kicad or latest ubuntu.)

Ubuntu/python problem? This is going to be a very FAQ…

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS bionic.
kicad Version: 4.0.7 release build

It seems ubuntu 18.04 does not really like kicad 4.0.x.

A problem with wx-gtk compiled against gtk 3 instead of gtk 2. This problem has been known for quite a while now (Fedora and other cutting edge distros had this problem for years now.) I fear the developers hoped they can wait for fixing it until after the version 5 release.

For now the solution is to somehow replace your systems wx-gtk stuff against one that is compiled against gtk 2 (or go back to ubuntu 16.04 LTS)

Another option is to switch to the nightly builds. (They seem to work in ubuntu 18.04 at least according to the bugreports i could find)

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Thanks rene I am trying to install ubuntu 16.04 and then update my fourm.

Please also report this issue to Ubuntu. The bug report is


Thanks Rene
the bug is fixed in nightly build version there no mouse pointer traces…

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