Mouse Rendering problem with Ubuntu 18.04

Found an easy solution for this. This Issue I couldn’t reply to this topic there.
Just add this ppa

I use Ubuntu 18.04 with KiCAD 4.0.7 and it is fixed.

The original reporter of your linked issue had version 4.0.7 running when the problem showed itself. So it might not be fixed for everyone with that version.

In fact i would no longer suggest the installation of version 4. (Only exception is for working on old projects.) My suggestion would be to use version 5. Did you encounter the reported problem in V5?

Yes, I tried to use V5 but having some problem with importing libraries for example I tried to add this library of OLIMEX for straight 2 days but it didn’t seem to work.
Libraries were imported but Eschema doesn’t seem to find them.

As soon as I switched back to V4.0.7 it worked instantly.

How do you know that libs are “imported” correctly? They are only correctly added if you can see them from within EESchema. (V5 can read all the same files that V4 can so if you can use the lib in V4 then you have made a mistake when adding it in V5)
Check the library manager to ensure that the libs are really there. (found in the preferences menu of eeschema and the library editor) Remember that the local library table is only valid for the current project. So if you add it there then you will not see it in any other project!

Sir, Procedure of adding lib to V5 didn’t seem to be easy to me… may be my fault. It would be great if some one could make a short video on this for better understanding.

I will definitely to try again to add libraries again in V5 will let you know, Thanks for your kind reply sir.

It works the same way as the footprint libs already did in v4. There must be some videos out there that explain that process.

Edit i found some time for a short explanation:
Sadly i am currently without access to kicad version 5 so i can not really make a detailed tutorial with screenshots.

I assume you want to have the olimex libs as a global library. For this case extract the files you download from github to some central location (example make a KiCad-Library/OLIMEX/ folder directly inside your users home directory. After extracting you should then have /home/your_name/KiCad-Library/OLIMEX/KiCAD-master/KiCAD-Components/ for linux. Windows and mac are similar but the global path looks a bit different.)

Open KiCad with any project. Open the symbol library editor. Open the library manager dialog by clicking on preferences -> Symbol library Manager.

Make sure you are in the global tab (The local tab will also work but as i said above it will mean that you will only see the libs in the currently open project. If you want do to that then it might be beneficial if you place the libs inside the project directory instead of some central path)

Use the “browse” button to add your libs. A file browser will open. Navigate to the location of your libs. Select all “.lib” files you want to add. Selecting multiple files is done by first left-clicking on the first file and then shift clicking on the last one you want to add. For more control use crtl plus left-click to add or remove single files to the selection. There should be an open or ok button to
conform your selection.

If everything went to plane then you will be able to see the library in the treeview of the library editor (the left sidebar)
If you get any error message in this process then report it to us. We might be able to find what the problem is in that case.

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Thanks a lot sir. I just uninstalled v4.0.7 and installed v5 again. I did everything you said and it WORKED. I was doing it wrong sir.

Thanks a lot.

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