Schema not creating net

HI, Im rather new, or returning intermittent user, so have to appologize but running 4.0.7 still…
Anyway, I think my problem is trivial, but cant just get round it seems.

Have a component that, how I try it will not connect/create a net. I.e. I dont get the “white lines” in PCBnew, and checking the .sch cant find a net . Running the bugg-check, I got an arrow indicating place where not connected, fixed it , arrows and errors gone (by removing track and re-inserting, getting the hidden pad), but still not connect/net.

( Further more there is yet another place where bug-check has an arrow, but there Im not able to get the connect to take.)

Hi, Georg

I am not sure, but my guess is that you will have a tough time getting much advice on using 4.0.7. It seems that many users of this forum…even many of the experts (I am definitely not one of those) have not been around that long. I think I started with KiCad in 2015 and I think that was with 5.X. But I could be worng.

Maybe your computer is running Win XP…

I am not sure whether 4.0 schematic and pcb files can be directly imported into 7.0? Or whether you would need to do one or two intermediate steps?

well ahmm, yes running XP, and perferably offline, but thats for my coding (AVR) since I just lothe snoopers getting into my machine for whatever purpose, updating windows or some other sht.
However, I cant really think there are major differences between 5 and 7, as to basic handling.
Possibly l will switch one day, but with the amout time Im spending, I want to do some things, not spend on wrestling environment. For now ie. (Its never too late to give up; favorit of one of my colleagues once, or I muddle through)
Thanks :slight_smile:

(btw I would like to have some library option, that makes bypass of networked libraries (with a possible warning, when there is no internet avail, and that libraries later in list, that can be onboard the PC choosen, so I easily can go offline with Kicad)

The differences between KiCad V4 and V7 are extremely huge.
KiCad V4 is also so old that I have forgotten how it worked. Back then KiCad was still maturing, and it had a bunch of quite big holes in it’s functionality. Those have (almost) all been plugged, and a gazillion new features have been added too.

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Ok, however I cant imagine that zillons of new features should be necessary, but then Im no spearhead designer by far. I can imagin though that the zillion makes it even more complex, and possibly more obscure as to basics, and weighing the processor. But again, without having tested, I can only guess. So my option are thee, quit, upgrade och fidget on by my self.

Can you share the project or at least a picture of the schematic?
Mainly with the whole net you do not get the ratsnest.

This is in fact very feasible for KiCad. It does not need to be kept connected to the Internet to work. With the supplied symbol and footprint libraries one can do a lot of work without an internet connection. It’s only when upgrading software that you need to get the new packages onto the machine.

But that old machine of yours won’t cut it for current KiCad versions.

But back to your problem, you have to post more information, at least a screenshot, or better still the project files. I suspect that the symbol that you added doesn’t actually have any pins or wires, it’s just graphics so doesn’t contribute nets. But it’s all guesswork without more clues.

I started in 2017 and it was 4.0.X.

I am using KiCad (V4->V5->V6->V7) at PC not connected to net and with only my libraries.
For V6 I had to change Win7 with Win10.

V4 had lot of drawbacks from which the most disturbing for me were: no via-stitching, no way to hide GND connection lines and may be something else I don’t remember.

Oops, forgot:

KiCad V7 probably won’t run on XP.

In KiCad V4 there was no library management at all. Projects were directly dependent on the installed libraries, unless you personally intervened to create project specific libraries. In KiCad V5 the [Project]-cache.lib was added.

Of cause, its shaming trival, include screenshots;

The error arrows now gone, have regenerated net, and imported in PCBnew

I do have some other errors from unconnected tracks, which might disturb.
Which I have possibly wrongly assumed, unrelated.
Actually I have copied the .sch from a project where this part worked, then removed some
After “fixing” ;

But as you say, since there are possibly old problems, and you people are no longer into those, …

and very much Thanks for making a thinking

BTW you realise that you can mirror the 7805 around the Y axis so that you don’t have to curve the Vin wire around the regulator and the digram will look better with power flowing from right to left? Naturally you’ll have to redo the wires and parts around it.

It was not a problem for me.

What I always deleted :slight_smile:

It’s always best to fix any connection errors before worrying about the ratsnest on PCB.

Which only appears to be no problem as long as the original libraries are available, or you manage your own libraries.

What I always deleted :slight_smile:

Which is very bad advise. It may work for you because you do you own library management manually, but for projects that use the default libraries, this breaks your project, and you won’t even notice it as long as you have the default libraries installed. It’s fine if it works for you, but you should not even put such such advice on this forum. I’ve seen too many projects that do not update properly or are a nuisance to repair because the [Project]-cache.lib file is missing. It is probably the biggest cause of troubles during project project migration from KiCad V5.

@georg In your schematic you have used a metric grid. That does not work properly in KiCad.

Repairing this in KiCad V4 is a nuisance. You have to:

  1. Set your grid to 50mils
  2. Drag each of the symbols around a bit so they snap to the new grid.
  3. Fix connectivity.

In newer KiCad versions this has been made very much easier. In KiCad V7 you can simply:

  1. Set the grid to 50 mils.
  2. Select everything by dragging a box around the schematic.
  3. Right click and select Align elements to grid from the popup menu.

Yet another change in newer Kicad versions, is that you do not have to create a netlist anymore to inteface between the schematic and PCB editors. Instead you can just use: Schematic Editor / Tools / Update PCB from Schematic [F8]

Just curious, do you have any interest in experimenting a bit with Linux? I don’t know how old your PC is, but it probably runs Linux just fine. And with Linux you get a modern OS and regular updates, so you don’t have to be afraid to connect it to the internet.

An easy way to make a safe backup, is to just buy a new SSD (Cost around EUR35 these days), and install Linux on that. This leaves your other disk untouched. But apart from that, you should use some kind of backup strategy too of course.

Win 10 will probably run fine without internet, and from SSD disk. Used Win 10 licenses are sold in Ebay. Legally I think. Many old machines which ran XP, will also run Win 10. XP was a good operating system, better than W10, but it is old. XP does not understand much RAM or large hard disks.

It was not advice, but only noticing the fact and with :slight_smile: added.
I deleted these files because I have a (bad?) habit to limit a backup files sizes as much as possible (left from times when you had 360kB floppies for your backup).
I think no one is planing to use V5 now, so what I said is rather a historical memory than advice for the future. From V6 onwards it is irrelevant as symbols/footprints used are saved in schematic and pcb files.

So, there are others who deleted it also :slight_smile:

The question is: If you assume that library is changed to make it better then do using old versions is really a good idea?
I assume that if something in library was changed than there had to be serious reasons behind it. If you have cache library you will not notice that you are using something old that was updated. If I open old project without cache I will notice such changes and had to update project to them.

I use Win10 without internet. After installing Win10 I connected it to internet only once to let it get download last hardware driver versions.

Hi ! Right, but I just turned it, since I hade it placed on the “right side” of the PCB, and wanted the “in” to be on the right side where the connectors were placed. So on the net it seems strange, but on the PCB its natural… (why I wanted it on the right side is another question … possibly arabic)

Mm grid ! Wow thanks paul. So since Iv started over and not done placement/tracks, that was good.

And yes, would probably gain on making an environment upgrade, possibly buy some new Hw, I have a win10 machine, but I really hate that os. Been thinking of linux… on the other hand… time tends to just dissappear…

You didn’t get it. You don’t move the connectors. All you do is mirror the voltage regulator symbol around the Y-axis so that Vin pin is on the right and Vout pin is on the left. Then you don’t have to route the Vin wire around the 7805 symbol.