Saving a schematics so others can open it

Hello everybody!

I managed to “reverse ingineer” a Z8s180 card which I initially made 1997 without any schematics…it has worked over 25 years just fine.
I have edited many Kicad library components and created also new ones. Doing that I have experienced some moments of horror because the file/library structure is IMO very difficult to understand :slight_smile:
Is there an easy way to save my project with all edited and created components without needing to go trough all the places where they are located (In desperation I tried to save my components who know where)?
Summa: Saving schematics and everything else that is needed so that other people can open my project inn Kicad.

In Schematic Editor:
File > Export > Symbols to a New Library

And I think after that:
Tools > Update Symbols from library

and distribute it the library together with the schematic

If you have a PCB then also:
In PCB Editor:
File > Export > Footprints to a New Library
then I think:
Tools > Update PCB from Schematic
Tools > Update footprints from Library

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KiCAD from v6 onwards stores the symbols and footprints used in the *.kicad_sch and *.kicad_pcb files.
So no worries, if you keep those (and the *.kicad_pro) files together, all is fine.


A similar question was asked recently: Archiving project with all Global Symbols Used on it

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I installed version 8.0 because my older one didn’t have those commands.
One more (at least :slight_smile: ) question:
What is the footprint for a quite simple non smd jumper in Kicad pcb?

These don’t have footprints because they aren’t soldered to the board. They are just pushed to two pins which usually are in the form of a “pinheader” (which see in the footprint libraries).


I didn’t of course meangfootprints for the objects in the attached picture, I meant footprints for the pins into which they are inserted.
So the footprints I need are pinheaders!
Thanks again.

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Yes, “Pinheader”. They are standard in KiCad’s libraries, inclusive the 3D models. (Or was it just that magic word you were looking for?)

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You might legitimately want a footprint (to show the default positions in the 3D CAD) for the jumper and a symbol so it gets included in your BOM.

I created my own for just these reasons . . .


Does this also include the 3D models? It doesn’t seem to do so, but I may be missing something.

The 3D files are not stored in the KiCAD files, you can however use a plugin to store them in folder inside your project folder.

Do you know which plugin? I cannot see an obvious one in the list of official plugins.

Read this thread:

Sure, the “Archive 3D models” from MitjaNemec

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That seems pretty obvious :slight_smile:
I did not realize it was in the P&C manager.

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