Save schematic components to library

I have edited the component attributes in my schematic and are trying in vain to save the changes (the components) to my global library file. Could not find a topic on this, so thus my question. How can I do this? Thanks for any help.

Hi Estebon, welcome to the KiCAD forums, from Rene’s Library FAQ for KiCAD5 (I am assuming you are using a recent version)

Take a look at the FAQ, it is quite comprehensive and there is lots of useful information inside.

Hope this help you.

Thanks for your reply. I am using version 5.1.4. I however, can’t find any information from your link. The problem is how to save changes made to symbol attributes made in Eeschema, to a library.

I am not aware of a feature that can do that.

If I understood correctly you want to customize a symbol in eeschema schematic, then save that customized symbol to a library. Right?

A similar workflow is possible with a footprint/board, but not with symbol/schematic. You have to create a new symbol (copy a symbol inside a library or from one library to another) and make changes to that symbol in the symbol editor.

It may be possible in the future in v6 with the new symbol/schematic file format (if it works similarly to the footprint/board counterpart).

Thanks, you understood correctly. I will have to redo my changes from within the library symbol editor.

Duplicate the cache.lib and give it another name without the word cache. Then, load this new library in your project.
I have not tested this solution yet, but you can give it a try.

If everything goes well, copy and paste the symbols to your libraries.

The cache lib does not contain field definitions so duplicating it will not help at all.

It depends on what attributes are to be created/copied.

This is an example of a resistor with 2 added fields, Manufacturer PartNo and Manufacturer.
Resistor in Eeschema after pressin “e”:

Same resistor in an edited cache.lib

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