Run trace in new component


How can I run a track inside a component ?
Like an Antenna, ?


What do you mean a track within a component?
Do you by chance mean “track inside a footprint”?

If this is your question then you can use graphical lines on the copper layer. (The footprint editor will complain as DRC can not handle it correctly. At least this is the reason given by the devs of why it is not allowed.)

How do you want your antenna to look like? (there might be better tools out there then manually drawing on the copper layer but for us to suggest something here, we would need more details.)


Yes, sorry, a track inside a footprint.
Actually it is for the Touch Sensing circuit.
it is a capacitively coupled antenna, so to speak.
but I need a few copies on my board
hence the need to make a footprint,
but I cannot select the routing layers.


Can you show a picture of an example?



And what KiCad version you are using? Version pre-5 (nightly build) may have more possibilities.


I meant an example of a physical footprint


without more knowlege i can only point you to similar discussions:



The last link i posted above should be about exactly what you show here


ver 4.05, should I upgrade it, seems to work very well… till now.


thanks, I will check it out


Yes, at the end, make it with pads :slight_smile:
works for me, thanks.


In the upcoming v5 it can be made with graphic lines which are turned into pads, no need to use bitmaps or external vector graphic programs. Ask if you’re interested.


Even better. You can use kicad stepup and design such complicated footpirnts completely in a powerful parametric CAD tool. More details about that: Kicad StepUp: The Sketcher for Footprint generation

General warnings for using development versions apply: Is it a good idea to use a nightly build version?


here is the issue now;


Do you think it is safe to upgrade to 5 ?
Will that over write the 4.0.5 version I have ?


Read the second link @Rene_Poschl posted above.

See also:


Great work, so much faster when you get advice.

I downloaded the slider.mod, no good to me…
I reviewed all posts and links above,
caught a snippet, a Trapezoid pad, it works very well…

Thanks to all.


Its a bit of a mess now, I cant seem to run a track to every pad, to satisfy the DRC
the auto snap wont let me get close to some pads.

Slider2.kicad_mod (4.4 KB)