About the Capacitive Touch Slider footprint?

Hi Everyone, I got a problem with creating a Cap-Touch-Slider, you can see the following pic, I made it to the DXF, SVG and the PNG file. And I have tried whole day and many ways to convert it to KiCad’s footprint but still got fail.:sob:
Could anyone please give me some advice ?

If you tried the whole day maybe give a few details of what you tried but didn’t work.
Maybe also state what you expect the final footprint too look like vs what you got while trying it. (The more info we have the better the responses will be.)

For now i can only say there is svg2mod which can convert incscape svgs directly to footprints. (It can put stuff on every layer you want. The resolution and scale are configurable. What is put on what layer is selected by the inkscape layer the graphic is on. Details see readme)

There is the included bitmap2component tool which can only put stuff on one layer.

I don’t know of a way to get dxf directly into a footprint. Especially not filled areas. (Lines can be converted i think. But you need to do some preparations for curved lines.)
Search this forum a bit and you will find a lot of topics about dxf import.
The latest topic was this one. It had a good tutorial on how to go about preparing the dxf for import. (Under the use of freecad)

Thanks @Rene_Poschl :smile:
I use the script “svg2mod” to convert the svg file, after some effort and it works.

In the beginning, I tried to convert my SVG file and it fail, it generate a empty kicad_mod.
So I copy my pattern to the example “dt-logo.svg” of “svg2mod” and it works.