Rigid Flex PCB Design

I have designed two separate PCB for my client. After the first prototype, I found some issue to connect two PCB together. PCB constraints are very low to put connectors on the board. I want to design Rigid Flex PCB. I have done many boards in KiCAD but Rigid flex PCB is very new to me. I don’t to how to set constraints for the rigid flex PCB design. My previous design constraints are below.
First Board
Layer: 4 Layers
Dimensions: 13mm Dia Circle
Second Board
Layers: 2 Layers
Dimensions: 13mm Dia Circle
If anyone has done Rigid Flex PCB in KiCAD please help me on this.

Thank You

Flux or Flex? I have used Flexi and rigid combinations on circular connectors

Sorry, It’s Rigid Flex PCB. And my design has two 13mm Dia Rigid PCBs. Right Now I am using 1.27 mm SMD pin for connecting two boards. I want to eliminate the 1.27mm pin by replacing Flex PCB for connecting two Rigid PCB’s.

There are two good threads on flexi-rigid designs


Have you found a supplier. Some of the details are very pcb fab specific.

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